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Why I'm here. Why am I here?

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I journal.

My girlfriend gifted me a 5 year diary for Christmas 2020. I love it. It's simple. Almost too easy to skip (write 6 lines about your day and you're done). I've used it as a well-being tool during times where I wasn't feeling great (by writing 3 goods things that happened for instance). I like being able to see what I was doing on this day last year, two years ago, etc. It makes me happy. I try to reread or at least scan the whole past year towards the end of it, when I'm doing my yearly review. It's obviously not the best tool for that since I can't go into details when I write, and the physical/hand-written aspect of it also makes it pretty much impossible to search efficiently.

I tweet.

I created a Twitter (now X) account in May 2011. Can't remember why. Forgot about it for about 12 years and very slowly realized this platform could actually help me in my indie making journey (more on that in another article). Twitter is... interesting. It helped me meet some cool and inspiring people. It allows me to share struggles and get support from friendly solo makers. It's also a marketing platform when you build in public.

I sometimes write longer stuff.

Sometimes my mind feels super creative and I have an urge to take a piece of paper and write something. It happened a lot when I was in high school and I had some work to do for the next day (not creative writing unfortunately)... Sometimes it's because I've woken up in the middle of a super wack dream or nightmare. A couple of times it happened after I ate some edible, you know, the ones that contain a certain molecule.

All these occasions generally lead to probably-not-very-valuable text pieces, but I believe it's not only about the output. Writing can be cathartic and help me structure some thoughts.

I think I can benefit from blogging.

A lot of people praise the benefits of writing and I'm quite inclined to believe those people because they're not selling anything in particular related to writing. Besides, maybe, the own pieces that they write... But encouraging other people to write doesn't help them sell more. It might actually create competition for them.

What am I going to write?

At this point, it's too early for me to limit myself to a particular topic or a particular type of posts. I want to give myself a little freedom to experiment and hope that eventually some sense will come out of the aggregation of all my posts.

That being said, I obviously have topics that come in mind when thinking about things I could write. One being my life journey, and perhaps more specifically my indie making journey.

How often am I going to write?

I'm going to first aim to post something every week. I know myself for committing to goals that are too difficult (pretty sure a lot of people would say the same about themselves) and one post a week might seem like a slightly too ambitious. So, to make it more realistic and probably easier, I will give myself a hard 1-hour limit to write each article.

That means that the quality of each post my might be slightly impacted, but it doesn't mean I will never correct or edit posts later on.

I think it will be good way for me to not full into perfectionism. A trap I know too well.

Fuck perfection. I'm out of time. Bye.